Friday, July 13, 2012

The Continuing Marvel of ATP Production

The biochemical nanomachine we call ATP Synthase is continually enlightening investigators. An article authored by Intelligent Design supporters, Machine Revolution: More Details Emerge on ATP Synthase and Its Exquisite Design, reveals some of the recent research that has been published on it. They explain:

ATP synthase is a rotary motor made of proteins, embedded in the membranes of mitochondria. Plants also have them in their chloroplasts. The two-part machine has a spinning carousel-like rotor labeled F0 that runs on protons, and a catalytic structure labeled F1 where ATP synthesis takes place, producing three ATP per cycle. (ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is the universal energy currency of life.) Cells in all kingdoms of life contain this "marvelous rotary engine of the cell" as Yoshida et al. described it in 2001.[1]
This microscopic nanotechnology that we did not produce, and that educates us as we study it, certainly should give us pause to reflect on the power and intellect of the mind that produced the intricacies of biochemical engineering seen in nature. And where there is a mind, a person follows closely behind.

[1] (underline added)

Animation of the mitochondria and ATP Synthase: 'BioVisions presents Inner Life: Mitochondria' found at:

Introductory graphic taken from the educational ATP video "Gradients (ATP Synthases)" by Virtual Cell Animation Collection ( seen here:

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