Saturday, October 08, 2011

Can't get past the title...

(Note: Putting Jesus in His Place is a book that attempts to defend Trinitarianism.)

While I have not read this book, I do have this observation.

Putting Jesus in His Place uses an acronym based on the letters in the word HANDS. This reminds me of Uzzah, who attempted to put the ark of the covenant in its place with his hands.—2 Samuel 6:6, 7; 1 Chronicles 13:9, 10.

Thus, it would appear that the title (with its supporting acronym) is ill-considered, as it naturally invokes the imagery of the Uzzah incident.

Additionally, the title is irreverent-sounding. Irreverent in that, who are we to put Jesus in his place? That’s what it could easily sound like. But since Trinitarianism is the crown jewel of the antichrist, this is hardly surprising.