Friday, July 08, 2011

Daniel's Prophetic Image Update

The image of Daniel 2, seen in the Awake!, May 2011 page 16, depicting the gold head, silver chest and arms, copper belly and thighs, iron legs, and iron and clay feet and toes.

As can be seen by this illustration appearing in the May 2011 Awake! magazine, the iron legs represent the Roman Empire, and the iron and clay feet and toes represent the Anglo-American World Power. No other dominant world powers will appear. Moreover, Daniel 2:41-42 portrays the feet and toes as one "kingdom," and it is noteworthy that the toes are not numbered and are of the same materials as the feet.

This eschatological image therefore assures us that we are living in the last period before the stone, God's Kingdom (Daniel 2:44), replaces human rulership.

Additionally, the fabulous and historic 2011 District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses explained further, for the first time since the publication of the May Awake!, what the clay signifies. This updated explanation is by far the most lucid, insightful one ever given.

The June 15, 2012 issue of The Watchtower expounds on this 'most lucid, insightful explanation' ever given in two study articles, a two-page color chart, and in a Question From Readers. Thus, it presents in print what was only previously spoken of in the 2011 District Convention, and in fuller detail. This is truly the most convincing explanation of Biblical prophecies ever given!

Portion of the chart on pages 12-13