Friday, August 20, 2010

Stephen Meyer speaks on Intelligent Design

See this previous post, Does Science Point To A Creator? Michael Shermer and Stephen Meyer Debate, for a typical example of Steve being as cool as a cucumber under fire.

There are other videos of him speaking on what he's best known for, Intelligent Design, but the following video is simply a must see, regardless of one's position:

Stephen Meyer vs Peter Ward

While it's a long one, an hour and forty minutes (so get some popcorn and soda ready), it's certainly worth the time to watch. This is amazing!

Lastly, while I usually respect Dan Abrams' opinions, here he fails completely to be objective and fair on his show The Abrams Report. It's very sad and frustrating to watch, yet important to see to be aware of the obstacles that surround a skeptic's heart:

Eugenie Scott vs Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design