Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trinity Modeling Kit!

Make your own model of the Trinity as a three-sided pyramid!

It can also be modified to reflect the structure and teachings of the "Shield of the Trinity":
  1. Designate a capstone and label it "God." This label can appear on all three sides.
  2. Under the capstone designate a belt to be labeled "Is" on all three sides.
  3. Along the three edges add a parallel line about an inch away from the edge, and label this "Is Not." One option is to have "Is" on one side and "Not" on the joining side. Or, "Is Not" could be written on each side to appear twice along each edge.
  4. Label the remaining three sides "Son" or "Jesus," "Father," and "Holy Ghost."
Now we have a three-dimensional pyramidal model of the Trinity! How easy it is now to visualize how the Son is not the Father but is God like the Father is not the Son and is not the Holy Ghost but is God!

For further accuracy, you can add more vital information on the side labeled "Son" or "Jesus." Since Jesus has two natures, the divine and physical or human, you can draw a line from "Is Not" to "Is Not," dividing it roughly in half. Then, divide the lower space in half vertically. With the top portion labeled "Son" or "Jesus," label the lower portions "Human Nature" and "Divine Nature" however you wish. Have a vertical label in between the lower two portions labeled "Is Not," perhaps adding ": in Hypostatic Union." Then have a horizontal label on the horizontal division labeled "Is." For further clarification, you may add in parentheses under "Human Nature" "(Outside of Earth's atmosphere)" as Jesus' human nature is in hypostatic union with his divine nature in the heavenly realm and not on earth. How clearly this illustrates Jesus' Dual Nature of the hypostatic union! (See figure below.) Be sure to show your neighbors your Trinity Pyramid! But be careful not to worship it, as that would be idolatry!

Created by JimSpace

For more information on the "Shield of the Trinity," read my other blog entry here.

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