Friday, December 22, 2006

Knocking documentary PBS (Jehovah's Witnesses): Q&A session

Knocking is a fantastic presentation on Jehovah's Witnesses. Visit This video is not on the DVD.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

UPDATE: See the entire episode here:

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See below for description.
After the parody of the Lost 116 Pages is an interesting exchange. Here is the transcript starting at 7:20:
Stan: Wait, Mormons actually know this story and they still believe Joseph Smith was a prophet?
Mormon: Well sure, the story proves it, doesn’t it?
Stan: No, it proves he did make it all up! Are you blind?
Mormon: Well Stan, it’s all a matter of faith.
Stan: No, it’s a matter of logic. If you’re gunna say things that have been proven wrong like the first man and woman lived in Missouri and that Native Americans came from Jerusalem, then you better have something to back it up. All you’ve got are a bunch of stories about some a$$wipe who read plates nobody ever saw out of a hat and then couldn’t do it again when the translations were hidden!